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The wonderful holiday of love and romance is on the doorstep. It's that time, when you can find balloons, decorated storefronts, and happy couples, holding hands all over the city.

Do you believe in love at first sight? We unequivocally do! Because love for our customers was born from the very first meeting. So, on such a day full of love, Global Fashion prepared an impressive gift for our favorite customers.

On the St. Valentine's Day, from February 10 till February 15, 2022 we'll offer you a 14 % DISCOUNT!

Don't miss the possibility to make the person you love happy with a wonderful present! Give love - it's so easy...

* The discount is valid for any product when ordering online from the website
** This discount does not apply to discounted goods. 
Published: 09.02.2022 10:58 Times Read: 303