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On the eve of the bright holiday of Easter, Global Fashion company brings its sincere and warm congratulations. Of course, everyone is fussy about buying kulichki and Easter egg decorations. But beyond that, the holiday of spring is another reason to pay attention to family and friends.
How do you do that? Just give a gift and become a motif of joy for your loved one.

In Global Fashion PASCHAL discounts of 20 % will start!

The action is valid from April 23rd to May 3rd, 2022.

Here is a reason to make something nice for your dear person!

* The discount is valid for any goods, when you order online from www.globalfashion.by
** This discount does not apply to discounted items and to Stalex, Italwax, SimpleUse products.
*** Additional discounts do not apply during this promotion. 
Published: 22.04.2022 11:39 Times Read: 271