SPA - manicure. Taking care of the beauty of hands and nails

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Taking care of the beauty of hands and nails is one of the tasks of every girl in body care. But besides decorative manicure, the condition of the skin of the hands is of great importance. Especially in autumn and winter, hands need more intensive care. Today, there are various procedures for the care of nails and hand skin. The combined type of manicure is very popular, which includes care for both nails and hand skin. One of the varieties of such a manicure is a SPA manicure. It is considered the most pleasant type of manicure, because it combines aesthetics and wellness, and also guarantees the pleasure of the procedure itself.


Spa manicure is a complex of actions aimed at improving skin condition, strengthening the nail plate and accelerating blood circulation. This is a procedure that combines various methods of nail care: from ordinary manicure to aromatherapy and parafin therapy. Spa treatment includes deep moisturizing of the skin of the hands, exfoliation of dead skin cells of the epidermis, proper care of the cuticle, restoration of skin elasticity, smoothness and strength of nails. After such a manicure, the skin of the hands remains soft and tender for a long time, problem nails stop exfoliating, they begin to grow better, the cuticle is renewed, and burrs pass.

INTERESTING! SPA is a Latin abbreviation that stands for «To health through water».


- Long duration of SPA manicure in comparison with other varieties of it - it takes about two hours.
- Unlike conventional manicure, spa manicure is aimed not only at the nails, but also at the hands in general.
- Massage, as one of the stages of SPA manicure, accelerates blood circulation. Good blood flow speeds up the regrowth of the nail plate.
- The natural components of the products have a general relaxing effect on the client, and also saturate the skin with vitamins. Vitamin E and Shea butter are often found in the composition of products for SPA manicure, which freely penetrate into the deep layers of the skin due to its preliminary softening.
- SPA manicure serves as a preventive procedure to prevent fungal diseases.
- During the procedure, all health-improving procedures that are in the arsenal of nature can be used: sea salts, mud, algae, herbal infusions, aromatic oils, and much more.

DID YOU KNOW? SPA first appeared in Belgium, in one of the small towns where healing springs have been beating since ancient times.


1. Purification.
2. Moisturizing.
3. Nutrition.
4. Protection.

Technique for performing spa manicure:
1. Preparation. Removing the old coating, if available (use only without acetone, so as not to worsen the condition of the nails).
2. Hand treatment. Hands are treated with an antiseptic.
3. Working with the nail plate. Shaping with a special nail file and treating the cuticle with an emollient.
4. Paraffin therapy. A special bath of cosmetic paraffin is prepared, which is heated to a temperature of about 55 degrees, sometimes essential oils are added, but this is at the request of the client. You can also use softening vitamin complexes for additional hydration. (you will find everything you need for paraffin therapy in the Global Fashion online store).
5. Manicure. Removing the cuticle with a pusher or displacing it to the base with an orange stick.
6. Deep peeling. This is not an obligatory procedure, it is performed only if necessary, if the skin of the hands is not sufficiently cleaned, peeling with fruit acids is applied and rubbed in for 2-3 minutes.
7. Massage. It is performed with the help of massage aroma oil, in order to give the skin smoothness and elasticity, while preparations for SPA manicure perform a protective effect.

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After spa manicure you will receive:
- Silky skin.
- Smoothness.
- Filling skin cells with vitamins and minerals.
- Rejuvenation.
- Skin nutrition.
- Mitigation.
- Rest for the whole body.

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Always look after and take good care of your pens!

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