I love Nail Art

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ILoveNail ArtMoldova -the society of professional craftsmen by Niall art in social networks

Created as a forum-a platform where master professionals and Amateurs Nail design can useful to spend their leisure time and to improve.

This group is intended for professionals masters on the nail and for. all lovers of nail design. Here you can see many different videos on this topic, posts and comments, tips for using materials, as well as a lot of interesting Nail industry and nail design.

Jointo our groups in social networks:

and leave your work, and the best will get in


The moderators of this group - is a famous master in our country, Europe and world - Doina Ciloci, Maria Macovei, Oksana Petrova.

Maria Macovei

Master teacher, judge of the championship on modeling and design of nails, the founder of his own school - Studio, developer of author's programs for the design and modeling of nails. Silver winner of the open festival "Harmony of beauty "2008. bronze medalist in the championship of Moldova "Brilliance Nails" 2009, Bronze medalist of the open championship of Transnistria, Silver winner of the open international championship of modeling and nail design "World of nails", 2016

Oksana Petrova

2009 – 1st place "Nevskie Berega" in nomination Nail Design 3D

2009 – 1st place "Nevskie Berega" in nomination Nail Design

2009 – 2nd place "Nevskie Berega" nomination Mix Media

2013 – 2nd place "Briliance Nails" nomination Gel-Modeling (VIP)

2008 – 2nd place "Beauty" nomination Nail-art painting

2008 – 3rd place "Beauty" nomination Mix Media

2007 – 3rd place "Harmony of beauty" Gala nominated for salon design.

Doina Ciloci

Master of international class.

Multiple winner of international Championships for the modeling and design of nails.

Champion of Moldova in nails modeling 2008.

Champion of Moldova and a winner of the Grand Prix in modeling and nail design 2010

The coach sat Moldova on modeling and design of nails.

Member of the Jury of the international championship on modeling and nail design.

Group rules:

1) you Can publish videos and photos of THEIR work
2) Prohibited any advertisement
3) censorship was Prohibited
4) Work with the greatest number of classes (like) will be published in instagram #nailartilove

How the contest works?

One of our social networks post photos or video of your work where your photo is evaluated by the members of the group (Like) as well as our masters. These groups act as the place where appreciate your work and the best works will be published in instagram.

Best to perfection it is - criticism, competition and evaluation professionals. To keep up with the times and be aware of all news and event plus workshops, experience and knowledge. You'll find it in group, I Love Nail Art Moldova.
In future the work (from instagram) will participate in contests with prizes.

The group was created as soobra
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