New season – mirror finish nails

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One of the most stylish and elegant designs that mirror finish nails.
This category may include manicures and broken Steklo the effect of colored or mirrored glass on the nails. Appeared as a fashionable idea in Korea and quickly spread among the fashionistas of the world thanks to playing in the light design.
Well, one of the most fresh and interesting ways to do nails mirror today became the “chrome nail Polish” – created using a mirror or shiny pigment powder. And gel Polish on the surface of which the powder is well rubbed.
Pigment for mirror nail Polish in the import performance can have different names – whether it's a Mirror, Powder, Chrome Powder, Chrome Pigment, Glitter Powder and more. The essence of it the same: it is the smallest powder of aluminium, designed for rubbing the surface of the lacquer framework and giving it Shine.

The pigment colors can also be different: often it is silver, gold, white gold, pearls. But, set a goal, you can find and color options powder for manicure in metallic style. And even shades of chameleon, playing on nails different tones of blue, green, purple and pink.
As for the color base coat – gel Polish, when you create the classic mirror nail Polish is a deep black. Which is the best backdrop for brilliant coverage.
However, experimenting with white or other colors, up to Arkin neon hue, as did the stylists Polish Nails salon Company (pictured above) is no exception. Although the mirror effect in this case is vague and implicit.

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