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Nail Polish or Global Global Weekly 777 (7 minutes to apply, 7 min dries each layer of nail Polish, and 7 days kept) - this is a good solution to your problems.

Bright and beautiful shades!

You do a luxury manicure and enjoy the compliments.
Global Weekly Polish contains a base coat. The product is applied evenly neat strokes. It is harmless to nails. The lacquer even after a few days it remains fresh and rich.

How to apply:

1) Do a manicure

2) Degrease the nails and apply dehydration

3) Apply 2 coats of varnish and let them dry for 7 minutes

4) Apply a thin layer of top coat Global Weekly Top Coat

5) Wait for complete drying.

Removed the Global Weekly nail Polish very easy! With the help of liquid Remover Global Fashion removed fast, in just a few seconds.

Global Fashion is always trying to make your life easier!

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