Hair style Ombre

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Ombre is the latest trend of fashion. Translated from the French word "Ombre" is set to "shaded with shadow." The effect achieved in the similar colouring, similar to the effect of burned hair.
That is the classic Ombre coloring is the lightening tips with a smooth transition to the dark roots. As a rule, the ends are lightened up to 8 colors, intermediate colors — up to 4, and the roots remain intact, or they give a darker shade, contrasting with pale tips.
But besides this, there are some other ways of hair coloring in this style.
Classic Ombre
Characterized by two-tone coloring with a uniform transition, so the transition line of the two colors was mild and smooth.
Because it is a classic color, usually chosen close to natural shades, for example: русые; медовые; кофейные; chocolate.
When painting, you can choose the shade that will be radical, and how to paint the tips.
Reverse Ombre
Slightly less popular option. Process, technique and choice of colors is similar to the classic Ombre. But the difference in the sequence of colors.
That is, in the case of reverse Ombre closer to the roots is light tint, and the tips dark.
Vintage Ombre
This technique of painting is similar to the classic Ombre, but in the case of vintage Ombre emphasis is on creating the effect of regrown hair at the roots. Face many thinner, almost invisible.

Cross Ombre
The painting technique is quite complex and requires skills and knowledge. The essence of cross-Ombre is a very smooth transition from light to rich.
To achieve a uniform color on the tips of used mining for the selected customer level and shade.
Color Ombre
This technique allows the imagination run wild and choose any, even the most unusual color. You can also use several colors and shades. Such staining can be performed using a professional paint or with pastels for the hair.
Very nice blue tips on brown hair. The trend in the Ombre color is pink, lilac, blue and purple shades combined with natural chestnut or black hair color. So, you can choose what will be the colors, their sequence and width of the strands.

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