Starter kit Barber

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So, a minimal set of tools for hairdresser beginner should include the following items:
  • Scissors for cutting straight.
  • Scissors for hair cutting thinning shears.

Combs of these types:
  1. combined (with frequent and rare teeth, we recommend you to choose neutral and light),
  2. something – preferably not with a metal needle and a thin plastic,
  3. with large, rare teeth for combing the hair that is very curly. Then, of course, will need more combs...
Gowns, with clasps in the form of hooks, not a drawstring, Velcro and not buttons.
Clips (set of 12 pieces) – half metal, half plastic – they are light, but keep the hair.
Brushes for laying a Hairdryer:
  1. Tunnel (or skeletal) bilateral – with short and long teeth.
  2. Basengi with diameters of approximately 30 mm and 45 mm. i.e., medium and large. It is important that the handle was one piece of plastic or wood, and without natural bristles, such as conventional (traditional). Can be ceramic coated (they are expensive), but it is possible and without ceramic coating.
Clipper .
With a straight razor and thinning nozzles – plastic – it is possible to insert the half from a simple blade
Brush brushes to remove hair skin.
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Ever since man first saw his reflection in the mirror surface, his desire to look good has only grown. Any opportunity to improve their appearance, to stand out has become imperative.

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