Different techniques for creating the Ombre on the hair

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The technique of staining Ombre

Technology of dyeing Ombre lightening the ends of 4-5 tones, creating a seamless transition from the darker roots.

Most often the tips are not just bleached, and painted in the appropriate tone or contrasting color.

Staining Ombre allows you to diversify and freshen the hair color. Blonde locks fine young face, creating a light effect sun-bleached tips.

Kinds of coloring Ombre

Classic painting Ombre intends to create a subtle transition from dark hair to light.

Creates a reverse Ombre going from light roots to dark ends.

Color Ombre will help bright girls to spice up your hair color with neon colors.

Ombre makes a sharp transition from one color to another is maximally clear and distinct.

Ombre with flames is often done on dark hair and wants to create at the tip of a bright flash, using copper and fiery shades of red

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