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Ever since man first saw his reflection in the mirror surface, his desire to look good has only grown. Any opportunity to improve their appearance, to stand out has become imperative.

At different times, "getting ready" and to follow the fashion could afford only the rich people who had the time and money, but the profession of the Barber never bring a lot of income. A fashion was set for the talents, and history has not even preserved their names.

Today the situation has changed. Not a single person is not complete without a visit to the hairdresser, and the glory of the famous masters of hairstyles is booming all over the country. So who they are today — hairdressers?

The most common and affordable specialization for beginners - the hairdresser of a wide profile. This person not only cuts, colors, curls and dries your hair but also skillfully uses machine and dryer, knows the peculiarities of chemical compositions of paints and their biological effects in humans. He works with both women and men, and children.

However, model and evening haircuts are not included in its competence. That has a hair stylist, or Barber technician. This is a more qualified technician, whose responsibilities include not only the standard haircut, but:

  • avant-garde haircuts
  • youth and evening hairstyles
  • haircut hot scissors
  • wedding styling
  • spectral coloring
  • owning the leading technology companies (WELLA, LOREAL, CUTRIN, and others)
  • all types of waves.

The specifics of the Barberand:

The advantages of the profession:

  • In demand on the labour market.
  • The high salaries of specialists.

Cons of the profession:

  • Working day at the hairdresser, like all 8-12 hours. But to spend all that time on my feet, and even in the room where you work with paint included Hairdryers and scissors, not everyone can afford.
  • The most frequent clients of health centres involved in the restoration of the spine, vein treatment and arthritis hairdressers. Varicose veins, respiratory diseases, early arthritis their professional ailments. Of course, many of them can be avoided by observing certain standards and occupational health, but the risk factor is high.

Work for the Barber:

Studios and beauty salons.

Personal qualities:

  • creativity,
  • patience and endurance,
  • hard work,
  • humor and charm
  • good communication skills,
  • accuracy.

Barberis one of the most well known and respected professions. The job of a hairdresser is to work with each person individually, consider his character, personality and taste. The creative process of creating hairstyles and haircuts is in close relationship with the works in any other form of human activity. Work on the implementation of the hairstyles and haircuts are essentially the closest to the art of the sculptor.

Hair is the same sculpture, it contributes to the creation of his artistic image. In order to be a good hairdresser, not only explore the technological side of work performed to acquire the necessary skills you need to develop the aesthetic sense and to think in imagery, know the laws of combination of styles and colors in clothes and hairstyle.

If the Barber is seeking a combination of hairstyles with looks, style, purpose, clothing and makeup, only then can he assume his work is perfect. The profession of hairdresser is remarkable for the fact that the wizard, doing their job with the soul, gives joy not only to people, but he gets from his work a great pleasure. Beauty will save the world, but a good hairdresser will always give people only the beauty and its unique art!

The role of the hairdresser in creating the overall harmony of the lines, taking into account the individuality of the client is often decisive. Every person resorts to the help of a hairdresser in the hope that he based on his knowledge and requirements of modern fashion, professional experience and personal taste will create a graceful hairstyle. That is why the Barber profession should choose people with a creative nature and a well-developed aesthetic taste.

The choice of any profession is the most important event in the life and destiny of man – is happening in an age when just beginning to develop experience, not too accurate guidance and high probability of error.

  • What is the complexity of the profession?
  • What are the mental and physical requirements for it?
  • What is the requirements to abilities of the man who had chosen a particular specialty?

It happens sometimes that some are disappointed in her because of a mismatch of their own ideas with the actual nature of the content of the work. Psychophysical data, condition of health sometimes be contraindicated for the chosen profession or specialty. And this usually leads to a change of profession, with the result that people and societies have a moral and material costs.

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