All types of eyelash extensions

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It is also important to note that there are a large number of technology capacity. From the correctness of your choice depends on the result.

To glue eyelashes, use a special hypoallergenic adhesive that features an innovative formula. Due to the unique components in the composition of the material becomes elastic after drying, quickly sticks to the lashes and does not allow the effect of drying out the natural lashes.

Also it is important that the curl of your lashes, where you plan to get.

There are several varieties:

  1. J – in this case, there is minimal bending, and therefore eyelashes remain almost прямыми;
  2. B – in this case, the master performs a barely noticeable natural curl, which allows you to make the look more открытым;
  3. C – involves the implementation of medium-bend that helps to open the eye and make it more выразительным;
  4. D – the most pronounced bending, which is used to obtain a "doll's eye".

The shape of the bend need to select individually – it all depends on the desired effect. Machinemachine importance of facial features and shape. Most girls prefer a bend S.

Classical technique

In this case, the master secures each artificial eyelash to the base of the natural. It should be thoroughly treated with special adhesive composition. If done carefully, the junction cannot be detected. Such cilia can be done not only on important occasions but also to wear in daily life. It is very important to remember about regular correction.

Of course, poresnichnoe takes a lot of time, but the results can not but rejoice.

Japanese technique

This method is a lengthy procedure. However, due to its use for quite a long time manages to keep lashes in perfect condition. They can last approximately 3 months, with each month it is necessary to perform correction.

This method of building is very popular with many women, but it is best suited to owners of short and rather thick lashes. Thanks to the use of Japanese technology, they can make longer and voluminous.

To each natural eyelash is glued artificial, and it can have the effect of mink or silk. The length a woman can define herself – she usually is 6-15 mm.

Eyelash extensions one day

If you want to build one day, then a day eyelashes can be removed independently. Usually one day perform a beam extension, after which it is possible to remove the eyelashes with your hands.

It is important to remember that the qualitative procedure will be able to do so only a professional, therefore, kindly requested to find an experienced master.

Partial (incomplete)

Owners have long cilia you can give volume to artificial. At this length they must match with the natural. In this method the extensions one eyelash is glued not to each, and a few natural lashes.

In this way possible to achieve the most natural effect, the result can be obtained as separate regrown cilia. Owners of light eyelashes before extension they are recommended to be painted in dark color. Otherwise, they will be significantly different from extensions.

Full capacity

In this case, each artificial eyelash is glued one. It is worth noting that this kind of building is considered to be the most popular. These lashes easy to wear, they don't weight way and look as natural as possible.

2d, 3d & 4d — the effect of increasing

When using 2D to each natural eyelash is glued two series of artificial. This solution is perfect for bold girls who are not afraid to be the center of attention. As a result, the lashes become extremely thick, and look – expressive.

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Eyelash extensions

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