Wedding manicure: rules and beautiful nail designs

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A wedding is one of the most important events in a woman's life, and a man's too. But now not about men! For such a special day, a woman has been preparing, almost since the very moment when a happy one sounded from her lips «yes!». Hairstyle, dress, shoes, jewelry and a lot more to choose. But do not forget about such an equally important little thing as nails and hands. They are striking as nothing else, so they should look beautiful and neat. To add beauty to your nails, of course you need a beautiful manicure. Perhaps you have a dilemma and do not know which manicure to choose. Do not worry, all this can be solved. Read the article, and we are sure that making the choice of a beautiful manicure will become much easier. 


Before choosing a wedding manicure, you need to familiarize yourself with its rules. 

Rule number 1: Longer than short nails are better. 
Wedding manicure is best done on long nails, so if your nails are short, you should build them up. 

Rule number 2: Don't get your manicure earlier than a couple of days before the wedding. 
Gel polish - instant drying and no chipping within weeks - what more could you dream of? But there is one thing «but»: after a few days, the gel polish begins to lose its shine. Therefore, do your manicure the day before, or at most a couple of days before the celebration, so that your nails do not look dull. But do not forget to agree in advance with the master, because they can be very busy. 

Rule number 3: Avoid experimentation. 
If in everyday life you do not like applications and designs on nails, your wedding day is definitely not the time to experiment with nail art. Instead, opt for a proven shade or an all-time french

Rule number 4: Don't forget about home care. 
If you know you have any skin and nail problems, make an effort to get them in order before the wedding. Drink vitamins, lubricate your nails and cuticles with nourishing oil, try not to break your nails, and in no case pull off the burrs. 

Rule number 5: Definition with nail designs. 
It is best if it is in harmony with the dress and jewelry. Bring your master a photo of your wedding dress, then on the nails you can make something that will be in harmony with the dress. You should not use too bright colors of nail polishes, especially if there is nothing colored on the dress, because a manicure should complement your ideal image, and not be flashy and colorful. 

Rule number 6: Moisten your hands often. 
Hand cream can do a lot for your photos! To keep your hands looking smooth and radiant, apply moisturizer and massage lightly. Don't forget to lubricate your cuticles too! Then your hands and nails will be just perfect! 
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