Which hairbrush is right for you?

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There is a more familiar subject for the care of the hair than a comb. We use them every day, but, unfortunately, rarely think about the correctness of their choice. Meanwhile, both picked up this item depends on the condition and appearance of hair. Modern manufacturers offer many different types of combs. Some are only suitable for stacking, while others are used for painting but others may be ideally suited for daily use. Let's try to understand why we need a particular kind of combs.
Comb comb
Comb – a classic comb, which were used by our ancestors. It is of different types, so it can be used for different purposes:
· Comb with a few large teeth, suitable for combing wet hair. He gently unravel the strands and not to damage it.

· Comb with dense teeth, suitable for daily use on short hair, it is convenient smoothly to comb the hair and comb separate strands.

· Narrow ridge with a fairly long average thickness of teeth suitable for curly hair.

· Comb with a very thin handle helps to separate the hair strands, so it is used for coloring, highlighting, perming, and creating partings.
 Comb with a long thin teeth used for Stripping.
· Comb at an average frequency of teeth suitable for daily use, applying styling products or masks.

· Comb with teeth of different lengths used to create the bouffant.
Massage comb
This type of comb is considered the most common. A massage brush is very easy to use and suitable for all hair types. Their main advantage is that they simultaneously comb your hair and massage the scalp. This massage accelerates the blood circulation, which helps to improve the growth and condition of hair. If such a comb made of natural bristle, the ends of her teeth, necessarily must be small balls. This is necessary in order to protect the skin from damage. Also comb-hair brush is useful in that it evenly distributes them sebum, thus preventing rapid contamination. However, it is necessary to apply caution in people prone to oily scalp, as it can only exacerbate the problem. In addition, for thick strong hair, it is better to choose a stiff brush for fine – soft.

Comb for styling
There are a number of combs that are used especially for packing. However, they can have different form and function.
·Brushingis combs are round in shape. Their body and teeth can be made of different materials, for example, they can have plastic, metal or ceramic base, with natural or synthetic bristles. Brushing used to create volume at the roots, curl strands inward or outward, and the formation of large curls. They have different diameters, the value of which is chosen according to the length of the curls. For example, a comb for long hair has the largest diameter, hair shoulder-length – medium, but for short it is better to use a small round brush. Also brushing with a small diameter can be used as auxiliary tool for straightening strands with a straightening iron.

  • Skeletalcomb is ideal for drying curls a Hairdryer. The holes in the barrel allow for a good air to circulate, preventing the skin from burns of the head, large and rare teeth carefully separate the tangled curls. Also with this comb you can create a basal volume. It is used for hair of different length and structure.
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